Download the HBO Max on your device and start streaming unlimited movies, shows and much more with Create your account using your email id username and other required details to access a wide range of videos. Hbo MAx provides superb audio and video quality at reasonable prices. It is easy to setup and get started with your smart tv. WEeEnter hbo mac activation code at and you are ready to stream hbo max.

How to Create and Access HBO MAX?

Go through with the given below steps:

1. Go to and click the Sign up button.
2. Fill in the Re-type Password and Username fields.
3. In the Location drop-down list, select the country where you live.
4. Enter your postal code.
5. Click to select your gender and enter your date of birth.
6. Type the characters (letters and numbers) from the colored box into the Word Verification field.
7. Check the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy box after you read all the legalese.
8. Click the Create My Account button and your hbo max account is created.

What is HBO MAX Activation Code?

HBO MAX is a 6-digit alphanumeric code used for verification and activation. This will be obtained after creating your HBO MAX account using details like username, email id, password, gender, birth date, etc and then paying for your hbo max subscription. Connect HBO MAX with your smart tv and login to get this code appear on your tv display. Enter HBO MAX Activation code at to get started.

How to Use HBO MAX Activation Code?

1. Open the hbo max app on your device and click on the sign in button.
2. After this, you will get a 6-digit code on the screen. Note down the code for later use.
3. Open on your Mac/PC/mobile device.
4. Enter hbo max activation code that you see in the smart TV.
5. Now you will be redirected to the sign in page.
6. Sign in to your hbo max account using the same credentials.
7. Choose who is watching and start streaming with hbo max. 

Activate HBO MAX

Here are the steps through which you can easily activate hbo max:

1. Open hbo max app on your tv
2. Login to your hbo max account.
3. Enter 6-digit hbo max activatin Code.
4. Hit the submit button.
5. Your hbo max is now activated.